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  • ❄ 100% Natural:including 3 cat toy balls, separately made of natural catnip, silvervine, gall fruit. These toy balls do not contain others, which will not harm your Cats health.
  • ❄ Keep Cats Entertained: Catnip ball is a very interesting cat toy. The smell of catnip will excite the cat. When the cat licks, the ball will automatically rotate. This stimulates the Cats interest in playing.
  • ❄ Catnip Ball Toys: Catnip contains rich dietary fiber, which can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and help cats excrete hair balls. Help cats clean their teeth, freshen their breath and keep their mouth healthy.
  • ❄Cat Toys for indoor cats: This funny catnip toy can stimulate your cat to exercise more, make the cat relax and relieve pressure. At the same time, divert your Cats attention and prevent destructive behavior.
  • ❄ Easy to use: Open the lid and the cat will lick it. If the cat has not finished eating, the lid can be re closed to prevent dust. These cat toys can be glued to the wall or any other surface for the cat to lick.

Catnip Ball

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