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  • Portable folding, pet folding carrier, three seconds to fold, easy to operate, convenient storage, space-saving, shrink freely, unfolded when used, folded when not used for storage, save time and save land. After folding beautiful, atmospheric, high value
  • One box, multi-purpose, high value products Double door lock, portable handle design, two-way snap, can be idle car out, indoor cage, outdoor portable cage to prevent runaway, medical care, short trips, comfortable cat nest, self-driving travel, so that your pet comfortable travel as you wish
  • Large space to turn around smoothly, lying down, sitting and lying down easily, fat cats and fat dogs are not afraid. Four-sided ventilation, comfortable breathing, front and rear convection ventilation, to achieve air convection, to avoid stuffiness, so that your pet breathes smoothly.
  • Breathable space, safe materials, round and smooth without odor, to give pets intimate care, good toughness, strong resistance to strike force, strong bearing capacity, withstand the pet tossing. Can be directly flushed with water, easy to clean up, clean.

Foldable Pet Carrier

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