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  • 》》》Ultra-soft Material: This pet massage brush uses soft silicone material, there has no hard corners at its surface and whole brush is wrapped by soft silicone, your dogs or cats will not be hurted during shower
  • 》》》Shampoo Dispenser Storage Design: When you having a shower for your dog or cat, you won’t have any free to get shampoo from another bottle, so we combine shampoo dispenser with bath brush together, saving you a lot of time
  • 》》》Anti-slip Belt Design: In order to aovid brush falling when using, we design an extra belt at its surface, so you can wear it at your hand and it won’t slip any more even your hands is full of shampoo
  • 》》》Massage Brush: This dog silicone rubber bathing brush also help to massage your dogs or cats when you having a shower for them, its soft brush bristles will bring your pets a better massage feeling, this will help to reduce their fear for shower and will fall into love with shower soon
  • 》》》Simple Using: It is very simple to use it with your pets, just take off top cover cap, then add some shampoo and recover the cap, then you can start to give you pets a shower

Pet Bathing Brush

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