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  • ❥ High-quality materials: the pet hair brush is made of ABS body + non-slip TPR handle, has a light texture and a reasonable tooth spacing design, so you can comb the pet's tangled hair smoothly without tearing and pulling.
  • ❥ Time and labor-saving: the pet brush is equipped with a self-cleaning button. After application, the hair residue on the brush can be removed by simply pressing the button. We also equipped with a cover to prevent the brush from falling into ash, and it is also convenient for you to store and carry out.
  • ❥ Massage function: the steel needle bending design of the dog and cat brush with massage particles can go deep under the pet's coat to clean without scratching the pet's skin. However, when combing animal hair, especially short-haired pets, gentle movements are required to give pets a fun and pleasant combing experience.
  • ❥Wide application: this cat hair brush can not only remove hair, dirt and knots, but also massage the pet's coat, promote blood circulation of the epidermis and make the hair more shiny. It can also effectively prevent fleas and pests, preventing skin diseases and is suitable for most pets.

Pet Brush

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