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  • 【SUPER SHOVEL】━━ The poop scooper for dogs built with High-tech Environmentally Premium Materials, lightweight, non-stick plastic. ergonomically designed handle provides comfortable one handed operation, allowing you to pick up messes in all environments without smearing!
  • 【FOLDABLE PORTABLE COMBINATIONAL DESIGN】━━ Dog Poop Scooper Sliding down the lock for quick and easy to use.Unlock and Fold in half for very convenient to carry and storage. Include a dog waste bag for poop. No stuck on poo. No gloves needed!
  • 【FOR ALL ENVIRONMENTS】━━Our uniquely designed as the sharp, jagged teeth & non-stick plastic bucket close tight, ideal for scooping waste from grass, gravel and the places where most dogs like to stool!
  • 【NO MORE BENDING & ODORS】━━ Spring loaded scooper enables quick and easy waste collection in one simple motion. Perfect for dog walks, cleaning up your backyard, or when traveling!

Pet Pooper Scooper

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